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We Have Only Come to Dream

We Have Only Come to Dream, is an album of such vast and supreme quality, that whilst listening to this release, you will be taken back, left speechless and filled with a level of emotion that will be hard to control...easily the best I have listened to in this genre for absolutely years, an absolute must purchase indeed, oh and enjoy the ride.

Steve Sheppard/One World Music

We Have Only Come To Dream is a stunning release from Terry Lee Nichols and Rebekah Eden...destined to receive awards this year for the music and production values that are A+ from start to finish...I would expect this recording to be considered into the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian Institute at some point, and hopefully as soon as possible as it deserves inclusion into one of our American Institutions...If there is one album to make sure you get this year it is We Have Only Come To Dream.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck / 5/5 Stars

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Stunning in its power and beauty, Terry Lee Nichols and Rebekah Eden have created a musical masterpiece that overflows with passion, cinematic vividness, and strength... "We Have Only Come To Dream" is an amazing musical achievement and one that I very highly recommend. Bravo!!!

Kathy Parsons/Mainly Piano 

Destined to be one of this year’s most highly-praised releases, numerous fans of period drama film scores – particularly by the likes of James Horner and John Barry – are especially encouraged to take note of this musical achievement!

Candice Michelle/Journeyscapes Radio

We Have Only Come to Dream is an epic soundtrack of the history of the Americas...this album takes the listener on an extraordinary journey through sound and time....We Have Only Come to Dream grabs the listener from the opening chords and never lets go. This is an album you don’t want to miss.

Pam Asberry/Enlightened Piano Radio

“We have only come to dream. . .”  is ultra-rich, deep, wide, vast, and an utterly gorgeous album through and through.  It is easily imagined as an epic film score... if you enjoy cinematic music, this one is at the very top of its game.  Here we are nudged on every level to remember who we are and to care about it. Memorable, impressive, and highly recommended.

Dyan Garris/

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